Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monster monster town

These are my monster high dolls.  I got them for going into school really good. They are the best dolls that I've got in my whole life.  They are awesome. The one on the left is Frankie. The one in the middle is Draculaura. The one on the right is Ghoulia. For Halloween I was Frankie.

So I was telling you about me being Frankie for Halloween. So this is me for Halloween.

On Halloween, in the morning I went to school and colored all day and listened to Thriller. And we paraded around the school to show our costumes.  Next we went to my mom's work. It was fun. We trick-or-treated around the office and got TONS of candy. Then, there were zombies trying to get out of the door. Then you will be scared so bad. I was just standing there when Sami (the werewolf) jumped out of the room.  My mom jumped! And she was scared out of her mind! 

Next, we went home and went trick-or-treating with my mom and Casey and our friend Rossana and her little baby Eva.  Eva is the one that is a bunny right next to me. She is one year old. She's one of my friends. This house every year is decorated like this. And it had the song "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas playing.

She started taking out the candy of the basket right after she got the candy. On the doorstep! She was so cute when she did that. We were all laughing really hard. She plopped on the ground and just started grabbing her candy.

 This is me by my old babysitter's house. Since I was Frankie for Halloween, and on my doll's box it says that her dad is Frankenstein, and this grave says "here lies Frankenstein," I wanted to get a picture at Frankie's dad's grave.

I hope everybody had a very very very very happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a fun Halloween! I think your costume is amazing, and I loved reading about baby Eva and seeing the picture of her in the bunny costume while she plopped down to eat her candy on the doorstep. How cute!

  2. You look so cute as Frankie! I'm so happy you had a fun Halloween. I think that werewolf would have scared me too!

    What was your favorite kind of candy you got?

  3. Cool blog Kennedy. Your costume was awesome! It was really fun trick or treating with you. Thanks for letting me come!

  4. I just found this November posting. I like it a lot. It was so fun to see your pictures and to learn what you're doing.

  5. What a scary costume you have! I love you! You are awesome!