Sunday, December 15, 2013

my story wombat wallie

this is the story i wrote...

Wombat Wallie was a girl. She liked roaming the woods. But Wallie was not careful.  One gentle breezy day, Wallie asked if she could play with wombat Katie. Her mother said ''yes'' so Wallie and Katie went out to play. Maybe 5 minutes later Wallie said ''lets go in the woods''  they agreed. They went in the woods. A pack of wolves came by. Wallie was brave but now she was not, but she stood up for Katie and said ''go away and leave us alone!!!!!!!'' After she said it like ten times she got nervous because she realized she forgot to ask if she could go in the woods.When the wolves left they went  home they had a surprise waiting. ''your grounded for a week!!!!!''


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This blog is about disney land.  We went in April with our friends Ivy, Kaia, Ashley, and Josh. Me, Ivy and Kaia went on a lot of rides. On the way to California we stopped in Las Vegas to stay with Casey's sister.This is Julieta my baby cousin. 

This is Me, Kaia and Ivy dancing with Alice, Mad-hatter and the White Rabbit. 

This is me, my Mom, and Casey at Micky Gardens.

This is Me, Kennedy, standing with Micky Mouse.

Looks like Me Ivy and Kaia are ready for the BEACH!!!!!!!!

 Splash mountain was boring. BUT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at us pretty princesses sitting on a rock. 


IM STUCK!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!! I am at toon town!!!!!

I am at the beach. It is very fun. I think you can tell from my expression. 

Me, my mom, and Casey are a happy family.

Us mermaids must get back in the water!!!!!!!

This is one happy family:) well sort of.

"I want to take it home" I said. "NO!!!!" shouted mom. "wa-wa-wa!!!"said I.

Green chair rocks. especially with these shades.