Sunday, December 15, 2013

my story wombat wallie

this is the story i wrote...

Wombat Wallie was a girl. She liked roaming the woods. But Wallie was not careful.  One gentle breezy day, Wallie asked if she could play with wombat Katie. Her mother said ''yes'' so Wallie and Katie went out to play. Maybe 5 minutes later Wallie said ''lets go in the woods''  they agreed. They went in the woods. A pack of wolves came by. Wallie was brave but now she was not, but she stood up for Katie and said ''go away and leave us alone!!!!!!!'' After she said it like ten times she got nervous because she realized she forgot to ask if she could go in the woods.When the wolves left they went  home they had a surprise waiting. ''your grounded for a week!!!!!''



  1. I'm very glad the wolves finally left! Do you think that being grounded for a week will help Wallie be more careful in the future? Did Katie get grounded too?

  2. Things were rather worrisome for for wombats for a few minutes there, before the wolves decided to leave. Wallie was quite brave -- I've learned that bravery isn't "not being afraid". It's being scared and doing something anyway, which it sounds like Wallie did!

  3. I think it's lucky Wallie was only grounded for a week! She could have been the wolves dinner! I hope Wallie will be more wise next time she makes a choice. She really was brave.
    I liked your story I think you have a wonderful imagination. Keep writing more stories. :-)

  4. It sounds like Wallie is pretty tough to get all those wolves to go away. Still probably a good idea to ask permission to go into the woods though.