Thursday, October 22, 2015

OCTOBER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is October 22nd 2015 and Emily, Marie, Aysia, Brandon and Jennifer are at my house for three weeks. For Halloween I am being Sally from nightmare before x-mas. Emily is being a sugar skull from the day of the dead, and Aysia is being Pinky Pie from my little pony, and Marie is going to scare the crap out of me because she is being a creepy CLOWN!!! I swear I will die of laughter when she is riding a unicycle and juggling. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

my story wombat wallie

this is the story i wrote...

Wombat Wallie was a girl. She liked roaming the woods. But Wallie was not careful.  One gentle breezy day, Wallie asked if she could play with wombat Katie. Her mother said ''yes'' so Wallie and Katie went out to play. Maybe 5 minutes later Wallie said ''lets go in the woods''  they agreed. They went in the woods. A pack of wolves came by. Wallie was brave but now she was not, but she stood up for Katie and said ''go away and leave us alone!!!!!!!'' After she said it like ten times she got nervous because she realized she forgot to ask if she could go in the woods.When the wolves left they went  home they had a surprise waiting. ''your grounded for a week!!!!!''


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This blog is about disney land.  We went in April with our friends Ivy, Kaia, Ashley, and Josh. Me, Ivy and Kaia went on a lot of rides. On the way to California we stopped in Las Vegas to stay with Casey's sister.This is Julieta my baby cousin. 

This is Me, Kaia and Ivy dancing with Alice, Mad-hatter and the White Rabbit. 

This is me, my Mom, and Casey at Micky Gardens.

This is Me, Kennedy, standing with Micky Mouse.

Looks like Me Ivy and Kaia are ready for the BEACH!!!!!!!!

 Splash mountain was boring. BUT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at us pretty princesses sitting on a rock. 


IM STUCK!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!! I am at toon town!!!!!

I am at the beach. It is very fun. I think you can tell from my expression. 

Me, my mom, and Casey are a happy family.

Us mermaids must get back in the water!!!!!!!

This is one happy family:) well sort of.

"I want to take it home" I said. "NO!!!!" shouted mom. "wa-wa-wa!!!"said I.

Green chair rocks. especially with these shades. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girls and animals

I went to Bali for Christmas on winter break!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! I loved it so much. I loved being away from the COLD. It was so hot there. Then suddenly going from a hot place back to a cold place. It made me feel really sad.  I'm serious! I loved playing with my cousins I hadn't seen them for SO LONG! But I will see them in 9 months. On a cruise! I miss them already. I cried when I was leaving. 

Here are some pictures of me in Bali and some animals that I saw in Bali. Awesome.

Aysia is making the cutest face ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a gecko. Cool, right?


Big fat monkey sitting all alone

Such a cute little baby

 Bearcats are awesome. We got to hold it! 






THE BIG SCARY EVIL TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

ME HOLDING A BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


This is me eating a lollipop. It's not much, but I like lollipops. That day was crazy hair day. That's why my hair is so cray cray.

My mom and I went to go get pedicures.  At the bottom of this is the picture of my toes after they were done.

Don't they look cute? They're kind of gone, now, but the big toes are still there, but the rest of my toes aren't.

This is me, Wyatt, Ivy and Kaia. Wyatt is Ivy and Kaia's cousin. I'm dressed as a purple princess and Ivy is dressed as a married person, and Kaia is dressed as a pink princess.  Wyatt is dressed as a cowboy.

Last week, we went to the Jazz game. It was really fun! I was cheering so loud, my mom was laughing so hard because I was cheering so loud!

This is me with a unibrow. How do I look?

I have a mustache! I never knew that! Did I grow one today? That's weird. How did I get a mustache. That's weird. That's very, very weird.


Bye bye, kind citizens!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monster monster town

These are my monster high dolls.  I got them for going into school really good. They are the best dolls that I've got in my whole life.  They are awesome. The one on the left is Frankie. The one in the middle is Draculaura. The one on the right is Ghoulia. For Halloween I was Frankie.

So I was telling you about me being Frankie for Halloween. So this is me for Halloween.

On Halloween, in the morning I went to school and colored all day and listened to Thriller. And we paraded around the school to show our costumes.  Next we went to my mom's work. It was fun. We trick-or-treated around the office and got TONS of candy. Then, there were zombies trying to get out of the door. Then you will be scared so bad. I was just standing there when Sami (the werewolf) jumped out of the room.  My mom jumped! And she was scared out of her mind! 

Next, we went home and went trick-or-treating with my mom and Casey and our friend Rossana and her little baby Eva.  Eva is the one that is a bunny right next to me. She is one year old. She's one of my friends. This house every year is decorated like this. And it had the song "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas playing.

She started taking out the candy of the basket right after she got the candy. On the doorstep! She was so cute when she did that. We were all laughing really hard. She plopped on the ground and just started grabbing her candy.

 This is me by my old babysitter's house. Since I was Frankie for Halloween, and on my doll's box it says that her dad is Frankenstein, and this grave says "here lies Frankenstein," I wanted to get a picture at Frankie's dad's grave.

I hope everybody had a very very very very happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cabin forever

Last month, I went to my grandparent's cabin. It is fun there.  I went with my friends, Ivy and Kaia. We did cartwheels, and handstands, and I won Ivy and Kaia's dad in a gymnastic's contest! 

Me and Ivy and Kaia blew up balloons and we threw them down and they landed on people's heads. It was really fun throwing balloons down and hitting them on the head with them. 

Me and Ivy and Kaia had a balloon fight. Just like a pillow fight, except with balloons.

I slept on a cot.  Next to me, there was Ivy and Kaia sleeping in sleeping bags. I woke them up saying "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"  I didn't notice, but they were already awake before I did that. 

We also went riding on 4 wheelers.  It was really fun. We went into the mountains.  We didn't go that far up the mountain, but it was pretty high. We could see lots of things. We could see the cabin from up there. We also saw wild turkeys and they said "gobble, gobble, gobble." We also chased them. 

This is Ivy and Kaia I was telling you about. Some of you already know them. But some of you don't. Just like you, Emily and Marie. You don't know them, but they're very, very, very nice.

This is me and Casey on a 4 wheeler. 

The adults bought us masks and vampire teeth. They were really funny.  You can tell how it looks funny in our mouths.And our eyes like stick out and it's WEIRD!!!!!!!!

THIS IS THE CABIN AND THE END!! (dun dun dun...what happens next?? Who knows?)